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I Just Want To See A House...

Harry Hasbun

Harry Lives in Gainesville, Virginia with his wife and three boys...

Harry Lives in Gainesville, Virginia with his wife and three boys...

Oct 24 2 minutes read

I just want to go see a house!

You see a house online and then call the agent to go see it. If that agent represents the seller, then they do NOT represent YOU! They will ask you to sign a form called: DISCLOSURE OF BROKERAGE RELATIONSHIP EXPLANATION TO CONSUMERS. 

Virginia requires that the agent discloses to you whom they represent and that you are being shown the property but have no agent.

What does this mean?

It means YOU are NOT represented. No one is protecting your interests.

For example, if you mention you just got a job transfer and have to find a place in the next 4 weeks or you lose the moving incentives, you have also let the seller know this. Now the seller and his agent will know you are highly motivated to move soon, and perhaps this might give them more negotiation power.

Whatever you say or do in the presence of the listing agent is communicated to the seller and will be used to better terms of any contract in favor of the seller, their client.

So what’s the lesson? Get a buyer’s agent that represents YOU and YOUR interests! Call us today at 703-797-2030.

And remember, with us, advice is always free. Reach us at [email protected] 

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