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Can You Sell Your Home Off Season?

Harry Hasbun

Harry Lives in Gainesville, Virginia with his wife and three boys...

Harry Lives in Gainesville, Virginia with his wife and three boys...

Oct 24 3 minutes read

As we enter the fall many sellers are hesitant to list their homes. Many feel that they missed the peak market and view the fall as another obstacle in selling their home. While it is true that the market slows and there is less traffic, there is also less competition from other listings. If inventory is tight and buyers are still shopping that gives the seller an advantage. As the weather gets cooler sellers will notice that those buyers that are still out and looking tend to be more motivated and serious about buying.

If you’ve been considering selling your home, but were worried about missing the market, here are a few tips to ensure you still sell at a great price:

1. Maintain Your Home

Typically when listing your home an agent will advise you to declutter and depersonalize. This is still important as you go into the fall and winter. It’s especially important to ensure that you keep outside your home neat and clean, clearing away leaves and snow is vital as it can get messy and slippery. Additionally, as holidays approach keep decorations minimal so as not to deter potential buyers. Likewise, make sure to keep your front entry way clear so that buyers and their agent have room to take off coats and wet shoes. Or consider providing shoe covers so that your home stays clean during the colder months.

2. Make Your Home Inviting

Fall and winter are notorious for their cold, cloudy days. To keep away the gloom, keep all the lights turned on for a showing to make your home feel inviting. Also consider keeping your thermostat set higher, even if you’ll be out of the house during the day. A warm house will help a buyer feel more comfortable as they tour your home. You want to enhance the warm, hospitable feeling, rather than having them get in and out as quickly as possible.

3. Be Flexible

Daylight hours are shorter during the fall and winter months. As such, it’s important to be accommodating as buyers try to come during daylight hours to see your home. As the seasons change photos can begin to look dated so your agent may want to snap some new ones. Greenery from late summer fades to beautiful reds and yellows of fall and changes to sparkling white snow come winter. To keep your listing fresh allow your agent to update the listing as needed.

Selling your home off season at a great price is entirely possible. Don’t miss out on anymore time, give us a call to get your home on the market today! 

And remember, with us, advice is always free. Reach us at [email protected]

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